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Manage your F&B operations with SambaPOS Restaurant Point of Sales (POS) software that simplifies restaurant operations and helps you focus on what is important – delivering great customer experience. Our POS Software is a customizable, scalable and cost effective option designed to support any size F&B operation and requirement.


Casual Restaurants

Send detailed order information straight to the kitchen from a tablet for faster and accurate order fulfilment

Cafe and Bar

No internet connection is required for SambaPOS to be operational.

Quick Service Restaurants

Monitor inventory stocks in real time and avoid nasty surprises with inventory management feature

Fast Food

Keep your kitchen running at full speed with our intuitive software

Delivery and Takeaway

Simplified phone and online ordering features makes ordering a breeze for your customers


Bring operational optimization to your restaurant’s work flow processes. Our SambaPOS is loaded with features to streamline your restaurant operations, increase its efficiency and boost revenue. Whether your F&B operation is large or small, we have what it takes to meet your needs.


Tailor the SambaPOS software to your business model and develop tools customized to your F&B operation. Create custom reports according to your operational needs. Customize screens and enable your staff to serve customers better. Enhance the ordering process by creating unlimited sub menus, adding photos of food, putting up new menus on special occasions, etc.


Gain useful insights to make informed business decisions by creating reports easily. This feature allows you to capture and analyze vital data on sales as well as revenue rates which can help you identify key areas that need your attention. Generate and modify custom reports based on product, inventory, and sales by period or order type.


Our integrated payment solutions include the software, hardware and the services required to accept payments safely and securely. We provide credit and debit card processing and gateway services backed by support as part of our comprehensive payments solution, all at the lowest of commissions


Create and manage multiple departments from a single database. Get the flexibility to choose from dine-in, takeaway or delivery. You can customize your menu, add or take out products, depending on the department.


Monitor your restaurant operations within SambaPOS and make appropriate adjustments and increase your business productivity and profitability. You can track and analyse customer sales, customer interactions, service speed, staff scheduling, food production and many more to keep abreast of what works best for your restaurant and to make adjustments accordingly.


Streamline your restaurant billing operations and cut down on billing time. Increase customer satisfaction and sales by providing customers with multiple payment options such as cash, credit/debit, gift cards, loyalty cards, etc. to pay their bills. Mange your entire billing process including removing/adding items from an order, splitting the bill, offer discounts, add extra charges and more with ease.


Optimize your restaurant floor layout by uploading your existing layout or creating a new one to make it more navigable for restaurant staff and customers. You can incorporate various elements such as terrace, garden, bar, etc to your plans. Organize tables to provide an uncluttered and open way for staff to provide quick and efficient service. You can even view the live status of a table, add or delete seats and reserve tables.


Build customer loyalty and boost your restaurant business with gift cards and effective loyalty programs. Gift cards can help you gain new customers by offering them an easy way to treat family and friends and introduce your business to potential customers. Reward your best customers with loyalty programs and utilize it as an incentive to encourage repeat visits.


Enhance customer dining experience by accepting payments in multiple currencies. Currency exchange rates are automatically calculated and displayed saving you unnecessary wastage of time in calculations. You can view cash reports depending on the currency type.


Customize your accounting system to accommodate all financial business transactions related to your restaurant and minimize accounting errors. You can keep track of income and expenses, customer accounts, payroll, etc, in real time as all transactions are updated as soon as it is carried out.

metriK for SambaPOS

An app that allows your restaurant to track sales, employees, revenue and workflow instantly on all mobile devices.

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited transaction documents
  • Payables and receivables
  • Account screens customization
  • Simple to use
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Fast sale feature
  • Group, split or merge orders
  • Personnel password authentication
  • Create and edit multiple menus, categories and products
  • Create products and product groups
  • Create menu groups and subgroups
  • End of day sales and collection reports
  • Inventory activity reports and alerts
  • Taking orders by clicking on pictures
  • Taking orders based on option, price and quantity
  • Gift and cancellation options
  • Sale by barcode
  • Sale by product weight
  • Product search in menu
  • Printing from cash register and kitchen printers
  • Multiple payment receiving options
  • Payment transfers to accounts
  • Design and create unlimited floor and table layouts
  • Change table layouts

Gain the flexibility to carry out your restaurant operations efficiently and productively.

Our restaurant features

  • Bill splitting, grouping and merging orders
  • Access to all operations from a single dashboard
  • Monitor floor activities
  • Search products in menu
  • Receive payments in foreign currencies
  • Automated exchange rate calculations

Ensure each delivery is executed smoothly and fulfilled quickly without problems.

Our POS software features for takeaways/delivery

  • Optimize and control delivery
  • Caller ID display
  • Tracking delivery

Provide speedy customer service even in most demanding of situations

Our features for fast food operations

  • Automatic menu updates to manage availability
  • Ticket merging
  • Offline mode
  • Add quick buttons for payment
  • Monitor stock movements

As no two restaurant business works the same way, we have come up with a variety of printing options to suit your specific F&B operation, be it fast casual, casual, fast food or a café.

Our features

  • Special design template
  • Unlimited number of printers for kitchen and other departments
  • Print logo with size options on receipt
  • Print order and ticket tags
  • Delete cancelled receipts
  • Fast receipt printing in easy to read format

The inventory management feature of our restaurant POS software enables you to efficiently manage stock and track product usage in real time and decrease wastage.

  • Real time stock details
  • Alerts and notifications on stock usage
  • Set stock levels
  • Add unlimited products

Cost features

  • Calculate costs periodically
  • Create detailed receipts
  • Authorized discounts
  • Calculate tip percentages

  • Grass Land
    Al Barsha
  • Red Salt Cafeteria
    Al Quaisis
  • Turquisine
    Mirdiff City Centre
  • Navaf CafeJumeirah
  • Maras Turka
    Dubai Mall
  • Grand Oak
  • Al Rabie Meat Trading
  • Green Land Refreshments
    Abu Dhabi
  • Fast And FIne Restaurant
    Abu Hail
  • Kungfu Hot Pot Restaurant
  • Malabardine
  • Sea Shell
    Abu Dhabi
  • Green Tea Cafeteria
    Abu Dhabi